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Financial Planning Information


Insurance features extensive financial consulting, clinical trial, and mesothelioma attorney resources for those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Personal Financial ConsultingWelcome

To Personal Financial Consulting!

Our mission is to provide a personalized, ongoing commitment to our clients and their extended families, to help them do a better job of realizing their dreams and doing it with dignity.

Our holistic approach focuses on your goals and priorities. Some of the results include:

  • Written plan to achieve your goals.
  • Coordinated, integrated and approved implementations of recommendations with you and your professionals.
  • Effective tax avoidance, deferral and control strategies.
  • Personalized investment management, based on your objectives and comfort.
  • Cost effective risk management strategies.
  • Monitoring your implementations to reach your objectives with quarterly and/or annual meetings.

How to Do Business with Us If You Do Not Live Local

If you like what you see on our web site but you don't live close to us we have the perfect solution. Technology has made it possible for us to transfer our conference room to your personal computer at home or work, via the Internet.

Utilizing your telephone we can also have a conversation about the images on your computer. We have done this with several clients who have retired to other states and with our client's referrals to people who live in other states. Try it at no cost to you, we think you'll like it.

Member of Organizations

The firm and/or its staff are members of the following organizations to deliver the most unique and high-quality experience to our clients:

Personal Financial Consulting
  • Personal Financial ConsultingFinancial Planning Association
  • Certified Long-Term Care Advisor
  • Chartered Federal Employees Benefit Consultant
  • Local Bar Association Estate Planning Council
  • Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow
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Life Coach Services

We take financial planning one huge step farther. We will assist you in discovering those very special values and objectives in your life you haven't discovered or having gotten to do yet we'll incorporate them in your financial plan to make your life richer and much more fun. It's so much more exciting when we meet with our clients regularly to discover how we have enriched their lives, in addition to doing a great job of managing their money and financial planning.

We also will assist you in transitioning through the large number of life changes we all experience. Typical changes our clients have asked us to assist them include:

  • Ages 20 to 35 - establishing spending patterns so you can enjoy your current lives and save for the future goals such as getting married, buying a home and having children.
  • Ages 35 to 45 - continuing to assist you with your spending to reach the larger savings goals of education and retirement funding or other special personal goals, such as a vacation home.
  • Ages 45 to 55 - assist you with helping your children identify their career(s) and finding the most appropriate colleges or trade schools to support their careers. Also, assist you with supporting your elderly parents with their special aging needs.
  • Ages 55 to 75 - helping you transition into retirement, identifying your most important goals and having the money to enjoy them. We enjoy removing as much of the financial work as possible so you can enjoy your retirement to the maximum.
  • Ages 75 plus - continue to assist you to enjoy retirement and do as many goals as possible. Also, we transition the more complex financial decision-making to whoever is going to be your executor or executrix so the transition is smooth and without family struggles. We find most of our clients in their mid-80s transition from their home to some type of Independent Living because maintaining the home becomes too much work. In addition you may really want to be around people your age to be as socially active as possible.
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