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How can I do business with Personal Financial Consulting Inc., if I do not live near your business location?

Answer: If you like what you see on our web site but you don't live close to us, we have the perfect solution. Technology has made it possible for us to safely transfer our conference room images to your personal computer at home or work, via the Internet. Also, using either a Web camera or your normal telephone we can also have a conversation about the images on your computer screen.

We have done this with several clients who have retired to other states and with our client's referrals to people who live in other states. Try it at no cost to you, we think you'll like it.

Can I just call and talk to a professional, to see if PFC can meet my needs?

Sure, call 716-771-1000 or our toll-free number 888-454-4313 if you are out of the local area to schedule a "no cost to you" phone meeting at your convenience.

What does it cost to do financial planning with PFC?

Answer: The cost is proportional to the complexity of your needs. We provide you with two "no cost to you" meetings to gather the information; thoroughly understand your needs, to explain the value of our services and to give you an estimate of our professional fees.

Then, you have the choice of using our highly discounted packages or our hourly rates, whichever is less. Note: Financial planning fees at PFC are deemed "Professional Fees" by the IRS and therefore are tax deductible, if you itemize your income taxes. We also have a money back guarantee so you can be comfortable going ahead with the plan.

Will you supply me with referrals who have financial planning needs like mine?

Answer: Yes, we will endeavor to supply you with referrals, upon request, that are as much like you're planning goals as possible.

Can I hire PFC to do parts of my financial planning needs or do I have to hire PFC to do a complete plan?

Answer: We welcome you as a client whether you use some or all of the services we offer. Some people hire us to just do the financial plan, while others hire us just to do a product analysis and purchase.

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