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Personal Financial ConsultingEstate Planning

Everyone needs to do some form of estate planning to simplify their financial matters for their executor or executrix and to maximize the assets to be transferred to the beneficiaries instead of the government in the form of estate taxes. Items that can be considered include:

  • To create and manage your Estate Planning Team to assist you in understanding and reaching your goals.
  • To assist you in determining if you should gift some of your assets during your lifetime so you can enjoy seeing the beneficiaries receive them and/or reduce your taxable estate.
  • Control, reduce or eliminate probate costs.
  • Control or minimize federal and state estate taxes to maximize the assets transferred to your loved ones and/or charities.
  • Provide cash to pay estate taxes within six months of your death, so you do not have to sell assets such as a business or home at a "fire sale."
  • To make certain your assets go to the beneficiaries of your choice, as quickly and inexpensively as possible, with no family turmoil.
  • To provide care for minor children or dependents with disabilities.
  • To provide the proper type of trusts, if they are useful in reaching your goals.
  • To review and make sure your assets are owned by and have the correct beneficiaries to minimize taxes and have those assets reach the correct beneficiaries as quickly as possible.
  • To create and/or review, with the assistance of an estate attorney, your Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies to make sure they are current and meet your needs.
  • To assist your estate planning team at your demise in transferring the assets to your beneficiaries in a controlled and cost-effective manner.
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